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Rally Together with School Spirit Promotions

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Teachers are heading back to work, school supplies are disappearing from store shelves and the summer is winding down. This can only mean one thing; it is back to school time! The kids are hitting the books again and that makes it the perfect time to start planning for school promotions. School spirit is about rallying students together as a group to build unity and school pride. School spirit items are great for fundraisers, supporting the local teams and building enthusiasm for the community.

Some of my favorite school spirit items are silicone bracelets, temporary tattoos and custom dog tags. These items make unique and fun giveaways that students will love, any time of the year.  Custom Silicone Bracelets are terrific because they are highly durable, appeal to students of every age and will get worn repeatedly. Rubber awareness bracelets are available in a veritable rainbow of colors and can be customized with logos, messages or school mottos.

Temporary tattoos are always a popular promotional item. They’re inexpensive, easy to distribute, look great and can be customized with nearly any artwork or logo. Temporary Tattoos are quick to apply, easy to remove and a great way to promote school spirit. Another great item that can be worn with pride is a personalized dog tag. Custom Dog Tags are a fun school spirit idea that students will love. They come in a variety of colors and styles that can be customized with your logo, slogan or mascot.

If you’re looking for items that will stand out in a crowd, keep custom pennants and Cheering Pom Poms in mind. Personalized Pom Poms and Custom Pennants are perfect for cheering on a crowd at sporting events, pep rallies and school events. Grab some pom poms and wave a pennant around to really show off your school spirit!

No matter the time of year, custom School Spirit Items are always a welcome addition to any event.

Study hard,

Abby Ink