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Burger King Wallet Promotion

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

If you happen to be in a few select cities you may find a random wallet on the ground from Burger King. Inside, there’s a note from The King to keep the wallet, cash ranging from a $1 bill to $100 bill, a gift card to Burger King, a “driver’s license” featuring The King, and a map of Burger King restaurants in the area in which the wallet was dropped.  If you are one of the lucky ones, snap a picture of you and the wallet and send it to us!

FDA Stands By BPA Ruling

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Despite criticism from health advocates and its own science advisory board, the Food and Drug Administration announced last week that it is not changing its decision that bisphenol A (BPA) is safe in trace amounts. The organization did reveal, however, that it will study the cumulative effects of BPA in humans, though it gave no timetable for such findings.

The non-change, released in a letter from the organization, comes in response to the November conclusion by its science board (comprised of outside experts) that the FDA’s original finding was flawed. The board said the FDA erroneously relied solely on industry-funded data and studies that didn’t evaluate newborns, for example. The board also said the FDA was neglecting the cumulative effect of BPA exposures from multiple sources, something which the FDA is addressing with its recent announcement.

BPA, commonly found in reusable plastic water bottles, baby bottles and the linings of metal cans, has come under repeated attacks by new studies and health groups linking it to diseases and development problems in humans. Recently, president-elect Barack Obama met with a coalition of health advocates who are pushing for a ban of BPA. Many of those same advocates are displeased with the FDA’s latest decision. “More years of research by the FDA to determine what thousands of scientists worldwide already know about the toxic chemical is a waste of time, taxpayer dollars, and will place millions of babies yet to be born at risk,” said Alex Formuzis, a spokesman for the Environmental Working Group, to the Washington Post.

Fiat Linea Promotional Sun Shade Map

Friday, December 12th, 2008

“New Linea with Blue&Me Nav. Without it, you’re lost.”  Fiat used auto sun shades to announce their new Blue&Me Nav.

Marketing tips during a slow economy

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

I just filled up my gas tank for a little over $15 bucks yesterday.  Great for me but experts say its a sign of how bad the economy is right now.  Oil is selling at 43 dollars a barrel!  Nobody is spending money.

Here are a few tips for your business to help increase awareness and sales:

-Emphasize the value of your product or service to your customers. With budgets being tight, people want to know how a product or service will benefit them.

-Offer coupons and sales. Everyone is looking for a good bargain right now.  Show you care by giving them one.

-Studies have shown that companies that keep or increase their spending on marketing during a recession end up in better shape at the end of a recession. The average cost-per-impression of a promotional product is $.0004, according to a recent ASI study.  Of the surveyed respondents, 84% remembered the advertisers of the promotional product they received.

UNICEF Landmine Stickers

Friday, December 5th, 2008

During Christmas time UNICEF runs information booths at local shopping centers.  They wanted to get in contact with people to teach them about the dangers of landmines.  Their solution was stickers with self-adhesive topsides, with one side looking like the floor and the other looking like a landmine. They placed them on the floor and when people removed them they discovered the landmine picture on the bottom and were informed that in other countries they would have been mutilated at that moment.

The results:- Visits at the booth doubled compared to 2006 – Sales of UNICEF items at the booths (cards etc.) increased by approx. 20% compared to 2006.

Source: Direct Daily