Study Reveals Promotional Products Beat Out Other Marketing Mediums

November 12th, 2008 by Abby Ink

Advertising Specialty Institute®, the largest media and marketing organization serving the advertising specialty industry, revealed earlier in November a groundbreaking new study that promotional products beat out all forms of TV, radio and print advertising as the most cost-effective advertising medium available.

The comprehensive study was completed by a team of interviewers who surveyed travelers in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Respondents were asked if they had received any advertising specialties in the last 12 months and the majority were businesspeople over age 21.

Among key findings, results indicate that:

* 84% of people remember the advertiser on a product they receive.
* 42% have a more favorable impression of an advertiser after receiving an advertising specialty.
* Nearly one quarter, or 24%, indicate that they are more likely to do business with an advertiser on items they receive.
* Most respondents (62%) have done business with the advertiser on a product after receiving it.
* The majority (81%) of promotional products were kept because they were considered useful.
* Among wearables, bags were reported to be used most frequently, with respondents indicating that they use their bags on average nine times per month.
* The average cost-per-impression of an advertising specialty item is $0.004, making it less expensive per impression than nearly any other media. (According to Nielsen Media data, the CPI for a national magazine ad is $0.033; a newspaper ad is $0.0129; a prime time TV ad is $0.019; a cable TV ad is $0.007; a syndicated TV ad is $0.006; and a spot radio ad is $0.005)

These statistics conclude that marketers get a more favorable return on investment from advertising specialties than almost any other popular media, with a very low cost-per-impression, high recall among those who receive ad specialty items, and increased intent among recipients to make purchases from the advertiser.

Source: ASI

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  1. Richard Says:

    I have to wonder if it is more or less beneficial to be distributing promotional items that will end up being used in the recipient’s every day life, initiating word of mouth external to the event, or items that receive one-time use like bags, which are mentioned as being one of the most popular. Recently it seems as though corporations are becoming more and more creative with the promotional items they are distributing and the way they distribute them. I recently received a small, battery-operated, zippered black case from Google, about the size of a digital camera case, that includes hook-up for your iPod, and streams the music through a speaker. I received it during an office visit, and although I haven’t done the research, I can’t imagine it would be price effective for promotional affairs. What I do know is that I’ve been telling all of my friends about it, which eventually leads to conversation about how forward-thinking and cool Google is… exactly what Google wanted.

    Another highly effective and more affordable item I’ve been seeing are tech device “skins”. These vinyl, adhesive-backed device coverings serve as protectors, and display custom graphics, images, logos, etc. I’ve seen them for everything from cell phones to laptops to mp3 players to gaming consoles. With the increase in advertising on television and the internet for these items, I expect to see continued growth in their sales. Although I’ve recognized them more for personal use, I’m waiting for corporations to catch on to the trend and start skinning all company-owned tech devices with their logo so that their promotional footprint is seen all over the world in meetings, at conferences, in airports, and other places outside just trade shows.

    Although the number of competitors in the industry for skins is increasing, I’ve got word that Unique Skins will soon become the IT site. I wouldn’t even be surprise if corporations begin creating flashy designs with their logo incorporated so that their fans will want to don the skin, too.

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