To Be or Not To Be…Traditional, That Is.

December 20th, 2007 by abbie

Marketing is constantly evolving and adopting new strategies to reach people. Traditional media, such as television, radio, newspaper, magazine and mail flyer advertising, are not as popular as they once were. Some consumers even find traditional advertising annoying.

A recent survey by IBM titled “The End of Advertising as We Know It,” found that “Traditional advertising players risk major revenue declines as budgets shift rapidly to new, interactive formats, which are expected to grow at nearly five times that of traditional advertising.”

Alternative advertising refers to marketing that uses unconventional methods, such as text messaging via cell phones, viral advertising on the Internet or social networking through Web sites like MySpace and Facebook.

Here is a list of more alternative advertising ideas from Kaboom Advertising:

- Street teams

Street Stunts

Pop-up lounge

Guerilla Signage

Promotional Materials

Event and Conference marketing

Mobile marketing and Video interactive marketing

Alternative Internet Marketing Strategies:

Blog marketing

Email marketing

Online media buying


Although new marketing strategies are constantly emerging, traditional strategies do not have to disappear, but evolve.

Consider sending out a street team to spread the word about your new company and send traditional mail fliers to local companies. This strategy allows you to reach the general public with an alternative marketing strategy with the street team and helps you to get local business recognition with a traditional flier.

Alternative advertising is new and exciting, but some traditional methods are still useful. Update your flyers with your Web site address or send out a monthly email with insider news about your company. Using a mix of alternative advertising and traditional advertising is an effective way to get your brand recognized.

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  1. Jay Says:

    Alternative marketing is the way to go! Today, in order to get the attention of the consumer, traditional just doesn’t cut it. In order to stand out, companies need to get the attention of the consumer in non-traditional ways. Looking at the, I think the best idea is using a street team to bring your product to the consumer instead of waiting them to come to you!

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