Gift Ideas to Help with the Holiday ‘Hangover’

December 6th, 2007 by elizabeth

Keep the winter blues at bay

The holiday season is an extremely difficult time for anyone. According to therapist Joe Kort, “After the holiday season is over, many people suffer from depression. The fast pace to get presents, visit with family, send out cards and get school and work business done keeps the depression at bay. However, returning to work and school, dealing with the family issues which surfaced over the holidays and facing the winter blues can be very depressing.”

When the after-holiday doldrums set in, what is a manager to do? How can you motivate your employees to keep up the good work that they did all year long? Here are a few great ideas for your company to keep productivity up and the post-holiday doldrums down:

1. Candy gifts
After the holidays, everyone begins to miss the treats they received just a few days ago. Candy gifts are a great motivator and comfort to a worker who needs a little pick-me-up in the middle of the day. It is a small token of your company’s appreciation and can convince the employee that you care, even after the holidays.

2. Hand sanitizers and soaps
The period during and directly after the holidays is prime cold and flu territory. Keep your employees healthy by giving them hand sanitizers and soaps. Your employees will appreciate the gesture and the disease prevention.

3. Relaxation products
From bath salts to massagers, relaxation products are a great way to help your employees get through those post-holiday blues unscathed. Not only are they ideal after the relatives leave town, but they are a treat after a long day at the office. Relaxation products will be a reminder that the company cares about their mental health.

4. Yo-yos
It may sound silly, but a yo-yo is a timeless and ageless gift that your employee will enjoy for a long time. It is a great tool while brainstorming because it keeps the employee’s hands busy and eases the pressure exuded by deadlines. Yo-yos are a great break time accessory and an easyway to boost morale.

5. Ceramic mugs
The smell of freshly brewed coffee is always a great pick-me-up, but when coupled with a brand new ceramic mug, the effect is doubled because it is also aesthetically pleasing.

Pep talks are great for motivating employees, but they only go so far. A small gift can be a fantastic way to motivate and cheer up your employees. Let your employees know that you are thinking of them, even after the holidays have ended.

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